Friday, February 24, 2012

More I {Heart} Scrapping Challenge Inspiration!

I want to give a huge shout out to Jen for sticking with me, even though I have fallen behind on this challenge.
I am also devising a plan for a new challenge next month! Stay tuned!

Now, on with the show!

Day 21: Turnover Tuesday - Take a layout you have already done, or a quick page, and turn it 90 or 180 degrees. If it's a quick page, I recommend also adding some embellishments. If you are using a former layout, remember it's just the layout you are turning. It doesn't have to have the same papers, etc.

Day 22: Wavy Wednesday - I am a big fan of curves! Create a page incorporating waves/curved lines.

Day 23: Thankful Thursday - This could be a page portraying Thanksgiving, or a collage of pics of things you are thankful for.

Day 24 (yayy! We're caught up!): Froggy Friday! This could be a layout incorporating froggies, or a phrase like "it ain't easy bein' green..." so many ways you could go with this!

Day 25 (whoa! jumping AHEAD here!) help me get ready for next month's challenge, here are the prompts for the rest of the month:

Day 26:  Speed Scrap Sunday - Become a fan of MyMemories on Facebook and join the Speed Scrap Sunday. So much fun!

Day 27: Maple Monday - Fall leaves/colors, pancake breakfast page, pay homage to your Canadian ancestry, perhaps?

Day 28: Welcome Home - Think cozy, comfort food, shabby chic, cabin, quilts...or use Welcome Home as your title and make a page about your new home (this is what I'm going to do once I find the pics from when we bought our house!)

Day 29: Take a Leap of Faith, Leapin' Lizzards (we watch Annie quite a bit around here!), A complimentary page to Day 24, Froggy Friday, include Leap in the layout somehow. It's a Leap Year, after all!


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