Monday, June 11, 2012

Angry Birds Party Favor Boxes

When Jen told me the theme for her son's birthday party was going to be Angry Birds, I immediately turned to the worldly widely webs for crafty inspiration.

After some discussion about what I could do to help, I settled on these adorable Angry Birds boxes. I used my Cricut and the Sweet Tooth boxes cartridge.

I cut out the bottom part of the cupcake for the tops and bottoms of the red and black birds. I cut the tops 1/4" bigger than the bottom. I used the cake box and lid for the yellow birds.

I used the circles from Plantin Schoolbook to cut out the eyes. I free handed the angry eye brows and beaks.

I tried glue sticks, snail adhesive, and sticky strip to hold the boxes together . Snail was the easiest to work with, but sticky strip held better.


One more thing before I go! I can't take credit for this idea, but I totally had to share it! The birthday boy is my Godson. He's also super into action figures right now. What's the perfect gift for such a scenario? An Action Bible, of course! It's a Bible, presented superhero style, complete with amazing graphics.

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