Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Introducing: My New Shop!

I guess it's about time I dust the cobwebs off this ol' blog! I have been doing some major crafting lately. Well, to be more specific I  have been crocheting my brains out lately. I do it therapeutically. Studies show it's good for the brain. You can read about my brain malfunctions over at my other blog.

More about my crocheting adventures! I'm nearly finished with a pink camo Corner to Corner (a.k.a. C2C) baby afghan for my friend, Holly's baby girl. That will hopefully go out this Friday. My plan is to post about that in Friday's "Finish it Friday" post! Fingers Crossed!

When I was away at my Mom & Dad's for a two week working vacay, I whipped up the scarves pictured below, which I'm peddling at some up coming craft fairs with my friend, Deb of Phlapdoodles Kids Clothing. You can view her cute wares at her Facebook page.

The name of my store, which is under construction, is Katie Anne Designs. It is named for my Nana (my mother's mom) and my Grandma (my dad's mom). Both were amazing women. I didn't know my Nana as well as my Grandma, but sometimes I feel like I know her pretty well when my mom talks about her and shares her love for her.

In addition to the scarves I will be adding purses, jewelry, and afghans.


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