Monday, January 28, 2013

It's a Mom Blogger Throw Down Challenge!

My bff, the one and only J.Ho of Mom Rocks Mealtime fame posted about the difference between celebrity chefs and real world family chefs today. Her description of the ridiculousness of umpteen pans on a normal kitchen stove cracked me up. She always gives recommendations for realistic trade-offs when recipes call for rare or hard to find ingredients. If she manages to track down an elusive ingredient (ginger jelly comes to mind), she shares that, too.

She called out a particular celebrity chef, who shall remain nameless (unless you read her blog post, which I highly recommend, and figure it out for yourself) on one of his recipes. She pointed out that everyday folk don't have time for a bunch of extra, not to mention unnecessary steps. With everything else going on at dinner time, we don't have time to create our own vanilla extract, when it is already readily available at our nearest neighbor's pantry. The way Jen says it is WAY funnier.

I highly value J.Ho's blog. I look it up frequently when the hubby comes to me during menu creation. Her recipes are mom tested, kid approved, and rated by all members of her family. When available, she gives the vital nutritional info as well. I always know I can count on Jen's recipes to be affordable and on the healthy side.

She has NOT asked me to do this and would be completely mortified if it actually happened, but here I am, appealing to my meager audience (I don't blame you, I haven't been here in a very long time), to help encourage the nameless celebrity chef and the Food Network to do a Mom Rocks Meals throwdown! Pretty please help me BLOW UP Twitter, Facebook, emails, whatever to ask for a @bflay vs. @momrocksmeals throwdown! I am sure reality will prevail, demonstrating that a delicious, nutritious meal can be accomplished without a dozen pans and 25 ingredients. #dozenskillets


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