Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I {Heart} Scrapping Challenge: Day 1

Inspiration for Day 1: Choose a family member to create a birthday party layout for. If you're feeling super duper ambitious, you can create one for each member of your household! I've created this sketch to get you started:

This is my first attempt at a scrapbook sketch in Paint! Hopefully as this challenge goes on, my sketches will get better! Remember to post your page and link up! Tweet your post with the #love2scrap!

Also it is not even required that you use this inspiration today, or ever. Just scrap something and share!

Oh! And would you please head over to Mom Rocks Mealtime? Give Jen some bloggy love (or Tweet her)...she's one who suggested I host this challenge. Not only that, but she will help you figure out what to have for dinner so you can spend more time scrapping!  Jah-Just Jennifer gave some critical editing to the project!


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