Monday, February 20, 2012

Back in Action!

Wow! 2011 was a pretty crappy year...and here in 2012, I seem to be having a hard time getting my motor obstacle after another. Hmph! You don't want to hear my sob story, so suffice it to say: I'm sorry I've been away, but I'm BACK!

Without further delay, here is some I {Heart} Scrapping Inspriation for you:

Day 17: Freaky Friday - Remember the movie, Freaky Friday? I think it's been remade too. For those not familiar with the story line, a child and parent's bodies are switched on Freaky Friday. So, you have an adult in a child's body, and a child in an adult's body. You can imagine the antics that ensue! I can't wait to see how you apply this role reversal to your layout!

Day 18: This was going to be Sketch Saturday, but since I'm behind as it is and don't want to cause you any further undue delay, let's call it Sexy Saturday! Include something spicey in your layout! Red background and black lace, perhaps?

Day 19: Spiritual Sunday - Scrap something inspirational or spiritual. It could have an encouraging phrase on it, or be a layout dedicated to your spirituality. Hint: the season of Lent and Easter are just around the corner!

Day 20: That's today! Today is Music Monday! Scrap about your favorite song or style of music! Journal about something that's "Music to My Ears..." so many possibilities here! Remember, I posted some cute musical paper back on Valentine's Day!

There you go! Four more fantastic days of scrapping inspiration. Thanks for hanging with me while I got my scrapping/blogging machine back in working order. She's still a little slow, but she gets the job done!


Gale on February 24, 2012 at 2:27 PM said...

I understand that. Thanks for sharing my post with your Texas friend. :-)

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