Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cards from the Tooth Fairy

We are halfway through the new year and I am SO far behind already. Well, it's worth it! I just returned from a trip to the UK where I spent some time with my sister before she went into labor, and had a few days left over to help out, post-baby! Now I am catching up on blogging, reading, stamping, and digi-scrapping. OK, well maybe not digi-scrapping. My computer is full to the gills with who knows what. I am afraid the large files generated from digi-scrapping will crash the whole thing, so that is on hold.

I did, however get the opportunity to make a couple of cards! My BFF, J.Ho has an awesome daughter, whom I happen to ADORE. This precious gem was my flower girl, and also the person to change my heart about having a daughter of my own.  Before I met Jocalynn, painted her toenails, played the "match" game with adult and baby animals with her, and laughed out loud (literally) when her mom told me she requested "chicken ears" (better known as chicken wings to adults), I had NO desire to have a girl. The thought scared the bajeebies out of me. Anway...enough about the sappy stuff. I just can't help it. I love that girl!

Well, my lil' buddy is in her teeth losing years! I have the honor and privilege of participating in the Tooth Fairy Charade by creating cards from the tooth fairy.  I love the technique I used with the pink ribbon. I need some practice with the folding on the right side of the circle, but I think it came out OK.


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