Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (bending the rules a bit)

My BFF, Jen, a.k.a. J.Ho, a.k.a. Mom Rocks Mealtime, a.k.a. Eve Dubois, pet masseusse, ALWAYs makes the most wonderful, sentimental gifts! She REALLY likes to make me cry. This year she cracked me UP! OK, we cracked each other up. We tend to joke that we share the same brain. Well, come to find out it's totally TRUE!

I started out trying to make her some lovely ornaments for her tree. They did turn out as nice as I'd planned, so I decided I needed a Plan B. I will post about the ornaments at another time.

Plan B came about when I stumbled upon a blog about putting ruffles on an apron. EUREKA! I'll make her an apron! I'll cut out the letters for "Mom Rocks Meals" with my Cricut and iron them on! SCORE! Double score when I discovered I had an unused, un-embellished black apron in my inventory! That cut out some steps and saved some time. It turned out another friend of mine got an early Christmas pressie: an embroidery sewing machine! So, of course I invited her over for a "Girls night IN" for some crafty craftiness and VOILA!

Now here's the same brain part...Jen and her sweet family came over for dinner and gift exchange last night. It was the first night of Hanukkah, so we decided to all wear blue shirts. We are not Jewish, but Jesus was, so it worked for us! I started to chuckle when my little one opened her pressie from Auntie Jen: an adorable apron with the words "Hot Spill" on it! I said "OH! Let's take a PICTURE!" to which Mr. Jen replied, "No, why don't you wait til you open YOUR present!" I knew right then...we had made the same gift for each other and each others daughters!

You can't tell in this pic, but Josie's apron is reversible. The back side matches one of the ruffles on her mom's apron. I love love LOVE the way the embroidery turned out! I thought the ruffles were cute. As for our aprons, they are PRICELESS! Jen, once again, OUTDID herself! The coordinating fabrics are SO cute, and of course in true brain sharing form, the aprons from her have a little ruffle too! Do you see how she attached the straps on ours? It's SO cool! There are button holes on the apron and the straps have a knot at the end and work like a button. Miss M's has lil' retro buttons that coordinate oh-so-cute with the fabric!

Happy Crafting!


Diane on November 11, 2012 at 4:09 AM said...

That is too funny b

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