Friday, December 9, 2011

Freebie Friday: Digi Scrap Fodder

I was converted to digital scrapbooking by my dear friend, Jen, also known as J.Ho. We fell in love with the flexibility of it all. We started out creating pages in Microsoft Publisher because neither of us have PhotoShop. We learned the joys of digital freebies and QUICK PAGES! OMG! Quick Pages are a blessing from heaven!

Quick Pages are pre-made layouts, ready for you to plop your pictures right into and VOILA, you have a beautiful scrapbook page in minutes. It takes longer to select your pics than it does to actually make the page! I love it!

Jen is way more creative than I am, so I rely HEAVILY on quick pages and digi-scrap kits of all kinds.

I have a long distance friend via Jen, named Jenni. I am blessed with many Jennifers in my life! Jenni's blog, Jah-Just Jennifer gaveaway MyMemories Suite and I was the winner! Now I truly believe I can accomplish my scrapbooking goals in 2012:
  1. Scrap as I go through the year, practically real time, as things happen so I will have a beautiful year in review by the end of the year. 
  2. Catch up on the Lovely Miss M's scrapbook! I can't BELIEVE how many pics we have of this child! She's nearly three, so I'm way behind. I have some pages done, most of which I'd like to redo. 
  3. Create a digital scrapbook of my WEDDING. We celebrated five years of marriage in November, but what's the rush, right? 
That sounds like a lot to take on and even as I read that list now I get a little overwhelmed. If I keep on top of #1, and chip away at #2 & 3 at least I will be happy.

Well, what about this freebie I speak of in the title of this post??? Well, MyMemories has graciously provided me with some freebies to spread the love and hopefully create some more digi-scrapping converts! It doesn't matter if you use MyMemories, My Digital Studio, PhotoShop, Publisher, GIMP, or another application. These files are in .png and .jpg format. You will receive:
  • 2 Quick Pages
  • 2 Coordinating papers used to make the quick pages
  • 7 elements coordinating with the quick pages and papers
Remember, if you want to purchase the MyMemoriesSuite, use my code: STMMMS46094  for $10 off the price of the software, PLUS $10 in free digital downloads from the MyMemories store!  Please post a link to your project in the comments.

Here is what I created with this freebie:

 Click on either example above to get your freebies!


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