Sunday, August 9, 2009

Disappearing Nine Patch it Is!

I wasn't able to find quite what I was looking for in the way of a free pattern online. Most of them were just single block patterns and what I had in mind really combines a few blocks to form one new, bigger block.

I made a visit to my local quilt shop. I looked around a while and narrowed it down to three patterns:
  • Turning Twenty Again
  • it's late and my mind is now drawing a blank on the other two!

I explained my plight: I knew what I had in was one of the patterns I already own and didn't want to buy again because I knew that was the fastest way to find my patterns! Sigh! So, upon establishing my intermediate skill level, she volunteered to share a new technique/pattern she'd learned. Basically you make three sets of nine-patch blocks. One set will have all the same centers. You then cut the blocks into quarters, flip 'em around, and sew them back together into new & improved blocks! What ends up happening is the centers get smaller, if you will.

Well, after some research online, I determined that what I'm working on is called a Disappearing Nine Patch! I tried searching "nine patch variation," which ended up looking really cool, but it's not what I'm doing this time. Maybe some other time.

It's almost 1:00 a.m. I have so much more to write about my plight today. Suffice it to say for now that I have all of my 3" strips cut out and ready to sew back together and cut up again tomorrow! Hopefully Lil' Miss will take a good nap or be willing to play independently for a while at least! I'm on a roll now (well, kindda, but more on that later!)

~*~ Sara ~*~


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