Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Conclusion of : The Case of the Missing Foot Pedal

Have you ever embarrassed yourself to yourself? For example, one time I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get into my white mini-van, parked outside of Trader Joe's. I happened to glance inside the vehicle and noticed that the seats were not torn as mine are. Hmm...that's odd...and a particular hand out I had placed on the passenger seat to look at later was missing...OMG! It hit me! I look around to make sure the actual owner of the car didn't see me trying to get in! It turns out my key won't let me into just any ol' Chrysler mini-van! Hmph!

I was so embarassed to myself, that I just HAD to call SOMEONE to let them know. Yes, I'd rather be embarassed with someone else knowing about it. It somehow takes a little sting out for me. So, I called my sister and shared my humiliation with her.

Well, today, faithful reader, I come to you to share another embarassing story so I don't just keep it inside where it will torment me for hours...

Remember The Case of the Missing Foot Pedal? Well, while I'm about a week behind in posting both stories, here's what happened:

Last weekend, I was all fired up to go back to the sewing machine store who was holding my foot pedal hostage. I wanted to get Jen's machine back to her and needed to resolve this before any more time passed, anyway. Plus, I think my husband was actually in town, in case I needed any "muscle." Yes, I was going to sick him on them if they tried to charge me for a replacement foot pedal.

Something was nagging at me though. Keep in mind that since I got pregnant and subsequently became a mother, my memory and overall brain power just aren't what they used to be. But I had a funny faint memory like the sewing machine store employee who I used to work with had told me way back when I was getting it repaird that the pedal wasn't in there to begin with, but the repair guy didn't need it to do what he needed to do. But the memory of this situation was so faint, it felt more like my brain was just making things up, trying to fit the pieces together. ((("Pieces" pun totally unintentional, I SWEAR)))).

So, with this faint, nagging feeling, I decided to give one more look around for my pedal. OMG. Would you believe...could it possibly was UNDER MY SEWING TABLE!!! OK, now while that SOUNDS like the most obvious place to look first. It really isn't. I don't have the best sewing room set up yet, so I always wind up sewing on my huge, family heirloom, kitchen table, where I can spread all my stuff out. So, looking under the sewing table is actually the LAST place I would ever look. As it turns out it WAS the last place! I mean, aren't things you lose ALWAYS in the "last place you look"? hahah I love that saying! Cuz yeahhhh, why keep looking?!?!? But seriously, that really was the last place to look and THERE it was!

So I guess the sewing machine repair people only pretended to lose it! Hmph!


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