Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank you Card: Emma the Caroler

Hubby asked me to make a thank you card for a client who gave us a huge ham. She's a pianist who loves angels. It took me quite a while to find just the right stamp. I will edit this post later with a link to the site I bought it from. Yes I said bought. I'll explain more about that later.
I used paper I had on hand for the wedding album I have yet to make, despite recently celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary!

Update: I bought the Emma the Caroler/ Caroling Angel Pre-Colored digital stamp set from Fred She Said. I searched all day for just the right freebie, to no avail. I found one I liked used on a card but I couldn't find the source stamp. In my search, I came across this little cutie. As much as I of course prefer freebies, I just had to have this one!  $4 for a stamp I can use forever is not a bad deal!


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