Friday, October 1, 2010

More Easy,Peasy Digital Scrapbooking

At first I was just going to use some recent freebie kits I'd downloaded to create some pages to fill in with photos later. Then I realized I have so many photos and unfinished pages, I might as well take a couple of extra minutes to plunk some pics in there! Voila! May 2010 spread is finito!

If you would like to play around with this kit yourself, you can find it one of my new favorite freebie sites, No Reimer Reason. Even if I weren't head over heals nutso for the awesome scrapping products she has, I love the blog name. I'm sure it's based on her last name or something. But, the reason I like it is it reminds of my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Squires!  There is so much I could say right now, but I'll try to stay on topic! One day I was absent, but when I came back the next day she had this on the chalkboard, "The poetry and logic contest has been canceled for no rhyme or reason." I cracks up so hard when I read that, I was shaking! Everyone else thought I'd lost my marbles, but not Mrs. Squires. She knew exactly what I was laughing at. While everyone else had seen the note the day I was absent and shrugged it off, thinking "Huh? What poetry and logic contest? Well, I didn't enter so I don't really care." But I caught the joke in it and laughed uncontrollably.  OK, enough about Mrs. Squires!  Here are my scrapbook pages for today:

I am going to make a coordinating facing page that has all of the various nicknames we have for Miss M. This is all I got done today, headache and all!


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