Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My "Bucket List"

Here's my bucket list, a.k.a. "Things I Really Want to Do Before I Leave the Planet:"

  1. See the Lion King on Broadway (check! circa January ______ I'll get back to you on the year)
  2. Get Married (check! Accomplished 11/4/06)
  3. Have a baby (check!) (Accomplished 1/19/09)
  4. Go back to London as an adult (I went as a kid, somewhat against my will, and didn't appreciate it)
  5. Own a home (we are SO close, yet so far!)
  6. Go to a Billy Joel & Elton John concert (I was so close...there's a show this weekend in Oakland but I'll be at my Grandpa's memorial service - finally- in Brentwood that day). I'm not giving up! Maybe they'll tour ONE more time!
  7. Get awesome seats at a George Strait concert with my mom and daughter! Three generations of Strait fans! Yeah!
  8. Finish my wedding scrapbook
  9. Make a log cabin quilt
  10. Go to New York City in December for about a week: Take a carriage ride through central park, ice skate outside, see a show at Radio City Music Hall, eat yummy street vendor food!
More to come! Please share your bucket list with me!


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